Evelyn Mayer

Evelyn's Fabric Bulletin Boards
Evelyn’s Fabric Bulletin Boards

Evelyn Mayer, the current president of the Erie Guild of Craftsmen, has been crafting for all of her adult life. She creates a wide variety of crafts, including fabric bulletin boards, corded bracelets, Seek ‘n Find toys, and dish scrubbies to name a few!

The first craft Evelyn learned was sewing. At 15, she took Home Ec class in school where she learned sewing, her creative passion. Her very first sewing project was an apron. Nowadays she sews everything from dresses to stuffed dolls. Her least favorite thing to sew? Doll clothes!

Evelyn’s Dish Scrubbies

In addition to sewing, Evelyn also loves to knit and crochet. She makes time to work on her crafts every single day – it’s her “me time”. Every night, she works on her dish scrubbies, which are her top-selling item at craft shows (and I can personally attest that these are a great product!).

Her favorite thing about crafts is that they bring her closer to people. At shows, she gets to interact directly with her customer base. At home, she uses crafts to create a strong bond with her children and grandchildren. By teaching her kids how to sew and knit, she was able to connect with them on a creative level.

Evelyn’s Prized Possession: Her Janome 1100 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Her happiest crafting memory was when she got a fancy new sewing machine – the Janome 1100 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. It is very special to her, because it is the last thing her husband bought her before he passed away.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Evelyn! You can find her work at the Erie Guild of Craftsmen Fall Show in October!