Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer’s inspiration – The Joy of Spinning by Marilyn Kluger

Meet Jennifer Phillips, certified Master Spinner and sheep lover! Jennifer became interested in spinning yarn when she read the book The Joy of Spinning by Marilyn Kluger. After reading the book, she knew she wanted to learn the craft some day.

A few years later, in 2007, her husband wanted to get her interested in the farm. This became the perfect opportunity for Jennifer to start spinning. She told her husband she wanted sheep, and he brought two old ewes home to her for Mother’s Day. She fell in love with her sheep. When one passed away, she sobbed as she hand-cut the wool off. Seeing how crushed she was, her husband told her he’d do anything to stop her from crying. Her request, of course, was more ewes.

Here are some of Jennifer's Dorset sheep
Here are some of Jennifer’s Dorset sheep

Eventually, she had so many different breeds that her husband told her to choose one. She chose Dorsets, because they are extremely low-maintenance. Shortly after birth, their babies are dry, clean, and nursing with no help whatsoever. Plus, Jennifer loves the smell of their wool.

Later, after trying out additional fibers, she discovered the Leicester breed. This rare breed is now endangered, so Jennifer decided to adopt and raise them to help preserve the breed. She also likes to cross-breed her Dorsets and Leicesters.

Jennifer also owns Leicester sheep, which are an endangered breed.
Jennifer also owns Leicester sheep, which are an endangered breed.

Jennifer currently owns 23 sheep – 15 adults, their seven babies, and one new baby she has recently adopted.

Jennifer is a Master Spinner – she cleared her quota for teaching in the summer of 2012, when she taught over 700 students! She did this by teaching at a camp in Pennsylvania, where students attended from all over the world.

You can connect with Jennifer on Facebook and Instagram, where she often posts photos of her cute lambs and beautiful hand-spun yarn! You can purchase her yarn at local craft shows (including the Guild Fall Show), and at Brown’s Primitive Scentiments in Titusville, PA.

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