In April of each year we have nominations for elections of officers that are voted on at our May meeting for the upcoming craft year. Our craft year runs from September 1 to August 31, with 8 meetings between September – December and again March – June
Our officers and their duties are:

  1. President – Evelyn Mayer
    Presides at all meetings to direct and guide, enforce the rules, carry out the will of the members by a majority vote, must be bonded, counter-sign all checks, and appoint all committees not otherwise provided for in the By-laws.
  2. First Vice-President / Programs – Barb Strohmeyer
    Performs the duties of the President in the latter’s absence and shall act as Program Chairman to be responsible for a yearly program.
  3. Second Vice-President / Membership – Wilma Arndt and Jessica Page
    Acts as Membership Chairman and supplies new members with complete information concerning the Guild – consisting of By-laws, Membership Lists, and other information. Also, keeps record of sign-in sheets at the meetings and the number of meetings members attend to qualify for shows. Collects yearly dues from members.
  4. Third Vice-President / Communications (Newsletter) -Vicki Shreve
    In charge of Communications including the newsletter and other related functions.
  5. Secretary – Kathy Vorse Dickinson
    Keeps records, including minutes of regular monthly meetings and Board Meetings, Committee Appointments, and Officers List. Keeps a file of all organization papers and discharge whatever additional secretarial duties that may be necessary.
  6. Treasurer – Kathy Alexander 
    Must be bonded, shall receive all moneys, including dues collected by the Second Vice-President, make deposits, and pays out money with the authority of the Board for craft shows, advertising, and other necessary functions of the Guild. Co-signs checks.
  7. Craft Show Chair – Robin Keller
    Collects signed contracts and moneys from members and does floor plans for the shows. Works with contact people to make reservations for craft shows at designated locations and vendors for food services at the show. Also, oversees all subcommittees to organize and run the craft shows smoothly.
  8. Hospitality Chairpeople – Patrick Patalon and Debbie Page
    Works with hosts at the monthly meetings to set up refreshments members bring to enjoy at the end of the meeting. Also, supervises clean-up afterwards.
  9. Sunshine Chairman – Alice Fuhrman
    Sends cards to members who are ill, or sympathy cards if required.
  10. Directors –
    Marcia Daugherty Havern & Jessica Page (2-year)
    Bonnie Jean Colburn (1-year)
    Serves as advisors and carry out duties required by the President. There are both one- and two-year term directors.
  11. Publicity – Franki Krugger

    Includes any and all advertising involving Erie Guild of Craftsmen for their shows.
  12. Craft Auction – Dolly Salas
    Collects items for Craft Auction and runs the auction at the Fall Craft Show.
  13. Historian –  Bonnie Colburn
    Keeps records of the history of the Guild.
  14. Webmaster – Patty Orlando Graziano
    Ongoing programming and maintenance for Guild website.
  15. Social Media  – Patty Orlando Graziano
    Implement the Guild’s Facebook Social Media marketing, including photos and event updates.